5 Ways To Add More Color To Your Wardrobe

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 A common problem for many of us is having too many black outfits. Black is a safe option but it’s not very vibrant. Here are some tips and ideas on ways you can add more color to your wardrobe.

1. Wear a colored top with your basic black skirt. The addition of a brightly colored top will brighten up your appearance while keeping the safety of your black base. If a solid top color is still too bold for you, try a subtle pattern or a top with a block of color in it. Try the Thick Warm Slim Fit Knitted Color Block Sweater.

2. Add bright accessories to bring a bit of spark to your otherwise monotone color scheme. The colors will become a focal point. Be bold and choose something daring like the Big Spots Bright Colors Resin Bangle Bracelets.

3. Go all out with a red dress! Break the mold and go red. Along with black, red is the basic spot color you need in your wardrobe. Red is vibrant and outgoing. Try the Chic Faux Suede Zipper Dress.

4. Try a bit of brightness on an otherwise little black dress. The bit of bright color will add the twinkle you need. Try the Super Sexy Brightly Colored Bandage Stretch Bodycon Dress.

5. Wear your black top over a bright pair of leggings! The added color on the bottom will bring balance to the solid black on top. For shock appeal, try the Hot Pink Animal Leggings.

Whatever you choose, it is always energizing to splash a bit of color into your otherwise boring black wardrobe. Be creative and try a color you have never worn before. It may surprise you!

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