Caring for your Cotton/Linen Clothing

Cotton and linen are sustainable and natural fabrics. They are not only environmentally friendly but also soft and comfortable. As a result, they have been popular with people for thousands of years.

These two fabrics possess similar features. They are both soft and durable, both possess high absorption, high die-ability, as well as high Alkali resistance. The pure cotton garments have less durability than the linen fabric, but the cotton fabric will be softer than the linen. Therefore, many garments are made of both cotton and linen so as to combine their advantages.

Linen, made primarily from flax fiber, is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Textiles in a "linen weave" texture (even when made of cotton, hemp or other non-flax fibers) are also loosely referred to as "linen".

Pure cotton and linen fabrics will shrink and fade a little, so care must be taken to avoid or lesson this. By knowing cotton and linen’s characteristics, we can wash and care for them correctly.

One of linen's finest qualities, other than its good looks, is that it's fast drying — that quality makes linen a great choice for travel, and for wearing when it's very hot. Given how quickly it will dry, and its tendency to shrink when exposed to heat, air drying is your best bet when it comes to your linen clothes. Plus, we wear our linen during warmer months, which means that it will air dry extra fast thanks to the summer heat. If you do choose to machine dry, use a low- or no-heat setting.

Follow the Rules for Cotton/Linen Care

  • Either hand washing or machine washing can be used. You can choose from various detergents to wash your fabrics, but we suggest using a mild detergent and the gentle machine cycle for best results.
  • Cotton and linen are alkali-resistant, so you may bleach your whites. It will not damage the cotton or linen fibers.
  • Do not use hot water! Cotton and linen do best in cool water to avoid shrinking and fading.
  • Do not soak the garments for an extended time. Soaking will cause color fading.
  • Do not put cotton and linen clothing in a high-heat dryer! High heat is what will shrink and distort your garments. You may air-dry or tumble with no heat. Laying your garments flat, or hanging to dry are best.
  • Wash your cotton and linen clothing only with similar fabrics in terms of color, weight and washing instructions.
  • Do not wring out the clothes.
  • Like the other natural fabrics, both linen and cotton fabrics have poor wrinkle resistance. However, that special wrinkly look is the cotton and linen garments’ style! Regardless of your wrinkle preference, it is easy to handle: you just need to spray water on the wrinkled parts and lay flat or hang to dry. The strong vertical sense of the linen and cotton fabrics will flatten the clothes as they dry out.

Prefer the no-wrinkle look? For the best results, iron the shirt straight out of the wash while it's still damp.

if the piece is already dry, dampen it using a spray bottle filled with water or with linen spray. Use a medium- to high-heat setting on the iron and press only until the wrinkles are removed — you don't need to iron until the fabric is completely dry, as it will dry quickly all on its own. Bright and dark colored linen clothes should be ironed on the backside of the garment to avoid shiny patches or fading.

If you want your linen clothes to stay pressed-looking for the duration of wear, you can use spray starch for a crisper look, and to ensure that whisker-points like the knees, elbows and crotch don't become impossibly creased as the day wears on. In the event you want to maintain the natural rumpled look of linen, but a garment has gotten heavily creased, use a spray bottle of water to eliminate them by lightly spritzing the creased section, laying the item flat, smoothing it with your hands and allowing it to air dry.

By following the above directions, your cotton and linen garments can stay bright, vibrant, and new looking for years. Protect your investments. :)

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