About Us


Welcome to Unique Chic Store.

My name is Paulette Brooks and Unique Chic Store is a store of my own creation. As an independent working woman living in central Wisconsin, Unique Chic Store was an inspiration of mine which developed after browsing through many fashion websites and e-commerce stores looking for fun expressive clothing, and realizing that most of the typical fashions were quite boring, and only came in limited sizes. I wanted to start a store that allowed me an outlet for my creativity and my signature line of custom designed leggings.

Unique Chic Store allows me to share with you all the unique and different fashion finds I came across. I try to make as many as possible available in a wide range of sizes for all. Many of the items are from various parts of the world, so please allow time for shipping. On average, items arrive within 2 weeks, but some smaller accessories, or hand made/leather/or fur items may take as long as 6 weeks. If production time is extended, I always will notify you of the delay. 

My theme for the store is B U. B Unique. This slogan is meant to remind all that you are an important and unique individual who has the right to express yourself through the clothing and accessories you wear without worrying about what the "norm" expects you to wear, or what others think of you. Self respect and freedom of expression are key themes in all social posts and ads for Unique Chic Store. We all deserve to look and feel sexy and comfortable with ourselves.

-Paulette Brooks-

Owner, Unique Chic Store